Walk, Cash, Repeat!
Earn money walking

CashWalk is a free app that allows you to
earn money just for walking
or running. Earn coins and exchange them for
gift cards from famous brands and products.

Unlock your motivation and get paid for
getting fit!

Walk and make cash!

CashWalk rewards you Stepcoin for every
100 steps you walk!  Earn Stepcoins
and redeem them for cash-valued gift cards
from famous brands and products.
You can walk indoors and outdoors as well
(even on a treadmill) with CashWalk.

Stay healthy & get rewarded!

CashWalk is designed to help you to achieve
fitness goals in the easiest
and the most fun way possible. You will not
only build a positive habit to be more
active, but also receive real value rewards
for your efforts!.